Friday, 30 August 2013

Our Values Posters

We have been communicating with Room 4 at Upper Moutere School (near Nelson) who have inspired us to make these values posters. Louie (a very clever boy at Upper Moutere) made us a tutorial on how to make a poster in Comic Life. We used his tutorial to help make our own posters. Check out our posters below and leave us a comment


  1. These are great posters that you have made, Room 11, it is awesome to see your thinking about what your values mean.

  2. WOW! Your posters absolutely ROCK! My class (Room 4 at Upper Moutere School) will be so impressed when I show them on Monday morning. I've already emailed Louie (our tutorial maker) with a link to your blog! Great clear photographs with excellent explanations of your school values.

    I really like the way you have created the speech bubble so it links to both people in the photograph. I also really like how you put it in to a flip book with pages you can turn! What tool did you use to create it? My class would love to use it too!

    Emma Watts (Room 4 Teacher at Upper Moutere School)

  3. Love how you have used Comic Life to create these posters. What a fantastic tool to use and how nice of Louie to share this with the class. I might have to use Comic Life for my work it looks so good. From Lisa Linn (Corey's mum)

  4. awesome book room 11 that's a great way to encourage others to show the values
    Ruhamah room 21