Friday, 30 August 2013

Our Values Posters

We have been communicating with Room 4 at Upper Moutere School (near Nelson) who have inspired us to make these values posters. Louie (a very clever boy at Upper Moutere) made us a tutorial on how to make a poster in Comic Life. We used his tutorial to help make our own posters. Check out our posters below and leave us a comment

Zac & Matthew W's Values Poster

Ngarima & Graham's Values Poster

Melbourne & Nikora's Values Poster

Kalin & Beau's Values Poster

Jessica & Dakota's Values Poster

Isaac & Matthew F's Values Poster

Hayden & Darren's Values Poster

Disha & Faith's Values Poster

Milika & Emily's Values Poster

Minuki & Deborah's Values Poster

Ashton & Kereama's Values Poster

Values Poster by Ali and Corey

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

MOTAT 2013

What a day we had at MOTAT.
On Wednesday 7th August,  Room 11 travelled to MOTAT to learn exciting things about electricty.
We had great fun looking around the exhibitions and galleries. We really liked the mirror maze!!!
A wonderful lady called Melissa taught us all about circuits. We also learnt that we are conductors of electricity because we are full of water. Interestingly, new electric trains are coming to Auckland. They are very different to the steam trains and the tram  because they are operated by computers. In the challenge zone was an 'earthquake' simulation. It rocked and rumbled, shaking us as we sat at a table.
It was a great learning experience and lots of fun too!!

Shared writing by Room 11.

Friday, 2 August 2013